SAP ABAP Advanced Cookbook

SAP ABAP Advanced Cookbook

Rehan Zaidi
星期六, 十二月 1, 2012


"SAP ABAP Advanced Cookbook” covers advanced SAP programming applications with ABAP. It teaches you to enhance SAP applications by developing custom reports and interfaces with ABAP programming.
This cookbook has quick and advanced real world recipes for programming ABAP.It begins with the applications of ABAP Objects and ALV tips and tricks. It then covers Design Patterns and Dynamic Programming in detail.
You will also learn the usage of quality improvement tools such as transaction SAT, SQL Trace, and the Code Inspector.
Simple transformations and its application in Excel Downloading will also be discussed, as well as the newest topics of Adobe Interactive Forms and the consumption and creation of Web services. The book comes to an end by covering advanced usage of Web Dynpro for ABAP and the latest advancement in Floorplan Manager.
This book is written in a simple, easy to understand format with lots of screenshots and step-by-step explanations.
Who this book is for
If you are an ABAP developer and/or consultant looking forward to building advanced SAP programming applications with ABAP, then this is the best guide for you. Basic knowledge of ABAP programming is required.


Chapter 1: ABAP Objects
Chapter 2: Dynamic Programming
Chapter 3: ALV Tricks
Chapter 4: Regular Expressions
Chapter 5: Optimizing Programs
Chapter 6: Doing More with Selection Screens
Chapter 7: Smart Forms – Tips and Tricks
Chapter 8: Working with SQL Trace
Chapter 9: Code Inspector
Chapter 10: Simple Transformations
Chapter 11: Sending E-mail Using BCS Classes
Chapter 12: Creating and Consuming Web Services
Chapter 13: SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
Chapter 14: Web Dynpro for ABAP
Chapter 15: Floorplan Manager