Fundamentals of Logic Design(7th Edition)

Fundamentals of Logic Design(7th Edition)

Charles H. Roth, Jr. / Larry L. Kinney
星期五, 二月 1, 2013


Updated with modern coverage, a streamlined presentation, and excellent companion software, this seventh edition of FUNDAMENTALS OF LOGIC DESIGN achieves yet again an unmatched balance between theory and application. Authors Charles H. Roth, Jr. and Larry L. Kinney carefully present the theory that is necessary for understanding the fundamental concepts of logic design while not overwhelming students with the mathematics of switching theory. Divided into 20 easy-to-grasp study units, the book covers such fundamental concepts as Boolean algebra, logic gates design, flip-flops, and state machines. By combining flip-flops with networks of logic gates, students will learn to design counters, adders, sequence detectors, and simple digital systems. After covering the basics, this text presents modern design techniques using programmable logic devices and the VHDL hardware description language.


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About the Authors
1 Introduction Number Systems and Conversion
2 Boolean Algebra
3 Boolean Algebra (Continued)
4 Applications of Boolean Algebra Minterm and Maxterm Expansions
5 Karnaugh Maps
6 Quine-McCluskey Method
7 Multi-Level Gate Circuits NAND and NOR Gates
8 Combinational Circuit Design and Simulation Using Gates
9 Multiplexers, Decoders, and Programmable Logic Devices
10 Introduction to VHDL
11 Latches and Flip-Flops
12 Registers and Counters
13 Analysis of Clocked Sequential Circuits
14 Derivation of State Graphs and Tables
15 Reduction of State Tables State Assignment
16 Sequential Circuit Design
17 VHDL for Sequential Logic
18 Circuits for Arithmetic Operations
19 State Machine Design with SM Charts
20 VHDL for Digital System Design